How much weed do you need to smoke to get high?

Weed has a lot of benefits for a plethora of different people. However, the main purpose of smoking weed for many users is simply to get high. Therefore, it is important to understand how much weed you need to get high in addition to the different variables that add to you getting high. 

Here is a quick reference to the amount of weed it takes to get high in its various forms and the factors that contribute to the level of high you will experience:

Smoking a Joint

smoking a joint

Smoking a joint is going to be a quick and easy way to get yourself high. If you have never smoked before, it is likely that you are going to need more than a few hits but less than a regular user. (A hit is when you draw in on a joint. Despite popular belief, taking a long hit is not going to get you higher.)

However, considering a “hit” is relative and there is not a solid way to quantify a hit, it is safe to say that you will not need more than the average joint to get you high. The average joint, according to Live Science contains 0.32 grams (0.01 ounces) of marijuana. The amount of THC will depend on how strong the cannabis strains are, as well as if there are other marijuana concentrates like hashish mixed with the weed.


Vaping has a better chance of getting you high faster, as you inhale about 17mg of THC when inhaled while joints average at about 12mg of THC and a bong averages at about 13mg. The reason for this discrepancy is because there is a large amount of THC that is lost when you inhale any weed. However, out of all the different inhales, vaping loses the least.

Additionally, there are two other benefits to vaping weed instead of smoking it through a joint or a bong:

The two benefits are that you need less weed while vaping because it enters your bloodstream faster and you can use vaped weed for another high by putting it in edibles.


Edibles are fun because they offer a longer, better high. However, you don’t need a lot to get high but it will take much longer for you to feel high. The difference is that when you inhale weed, the THC gets absorbed into your bloodstream via your lungs. However, when you consume edibles, the THC needs to be metabolized before it reaches your bloodstream. Therefore, edibles can take between thirty minutes and two hours for you to feel anything. However, once you do start to feel something, you can feel high for between 4 and 10 hours, which is much longer than you would feel high from inhaling THC.

Additionally, the amount of THC you consume in an edible will decide the level of high you experience. Here is a breakdown for a beginner:

  • Mild High= Eat between 2-4 mg
  • Medium High= Eat between 3-8 mg
  • Strong High= Eat between 5-15 mg

Remember, there are a few different factors, even if you have never partaken in weed consumption before that will make you feel different levels of high. To ensure you don’t take too much, it’s good to buy edibles online from a source that can guarantee the THC levels in each package (such as Online Dispensary Canada). So, always be careful, stay somewhere safe, and if it is your first time, make sure you are with responsible friends.

Factors that Affect the High

There are many different factors that affect the potency of the high you feel. A lot of the difference can come from the way that you ingest the weed but there are other, external factors at play as well. These factors can range from the plant itself to your personal preferences. Here is a list of common factors that will affect the high you feel:

Tolerance: Tolerance is likely the biggest external factor in predicting how much weed you will need to get high. If you are new to partaking in weed, you are going to have a low tolerance. Therefore, it is going to take a lot less to get you high than it will take a habitual weed user. 

For instance, referencing the breakdown of the level of high you will experience as a beginner; where it might take a new weed user only 5 to 15 mg to get a strong high, it will take 15 to 30 mg for a daily user to get the same strong high. 

The Strain: One of the biggest factors is the strain of weed you enjoy. There are different strains for different purposes and sometimes, that purpose is to get you high. If this happens to be your purpose, find some weed strains with higher THC strain so potent is that it has a THC content of 34.4%. Additionally, some strains are CBD heavy and lower on THC. It’s important to check the THC vs CBD ratio before choosing the right strain for you.

cannabis buds

Physical Factors: The same basic rule for drinking alcohol applies to get high with weed. Given that the two people trying weed for the first time are trying it the same way and have the same level of tolerance the bigger person is always going to take longer to get high. The reason is that, like anything else that has effects, a bigger person needs a higher dose to equal the level of a smaller person. So, physicality is a factor when it comes to how much weed you need to get high.

In conclusion, whether it is your first time or you are a casual toker you might be surprised at how much weed you need to get high. Regardless of your preference, it doesn’t take a lot of actual weed to get you high. Make sure you choose a reputable dispensary to buy your marijuana or other forms of THC to ensure you’re getting what you’re expecting. Especially for those who are just starting out on the Cannabis journey, it is likely a relief that you will be able to accurately partake without completely breaking the bank.

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