How Do You Grind Weed Without A Grinder?

There are a lot of different ways you can consume weed. Yet, if you are going to partake in the bud by smoking a joint, chances are you are going to need a grinder. Grinders can be purchased online at a plethora of different shops, in smoke or head shops, or any herbal store.

Grinders are used to break weed or any type of herb down for a finer, more manageable stash. Grinders are not just for marijuana, but they are incredibly useful if you are looking to roll a smooth joint or smoke a smoother-hitting bowl.

Of course, if you have a grinder, you are generally good to go as they are simple devices that usually last a long time. But, what should you do if you don’t have a grinder?

Fortunately, the lack of a grinder is not the end of your smooth hit aspirations. Here are several ways you can grind weed without using a grinder.

At Home

Usually, most partakers of Cannabis keep all their supplies in one spot. However, things do happen and supplies do get misplaced. Whether you have lost your grinder or you’re new to weed and didn’t realize you needed one until it was time for a bowl, fret not! You can use plenty of common household items to grind your weed instead.

Coffee Grinder: Even though it’s big and bulky, usually looking nothing like a weed grinder, a coffee grinder can get the job done when you are in a pinch. Load the coffee grinder with weed, just as you would with your coffee beans.

Just remember these three things when it comes to using a coffee grinder as a weed grinder:

  • Make sure the buds you are using are not too big for the grinder. You don’t want to risk overwhelming your grinder.
  • Don’t grind your weed too fine, as it will become a fine powder and you do not want that.
  • Remember to clean out your grinder after you are finished, or you may get a wakeup call of a completely different kind next time you go to grind your coffee beans!

Mortar and Pestle: Using a mortar and pestle to grind your weed might not be something that is originally thought of but it makes a lot of sense. This is not only because it works, but this common, slightly old-school kitchen item is designed to crush herbs and other grindable consumables. This is an especially useful technique if the buds are on the drier side.

You’ll want to make sure to clean it off well both before and after using it to grind your weed. That way, you will have less of a chance of contaminating your weed or anything you grind with your mortar and pestle in the future.

Cutting Board and Knife: While using a cutting board and a knife is one of the simplest ways to grind weed without a grinder, it is extremely important to keep your knife sharp. Doing so will help you get the finest grind possible. Plus, keeping your knives sharp is always the best way to keep from cutting yourself while working with them.

Cheese Grater: If you are really desperate to find an alternative grinder for your weed, you can use a cheese grater. To grind your weed with this method, simply rub your marijuana flower across the surface of the cheese grater.

The only thing you really need to be careful of when you use this method is to ensure your nug doesn’t get too small that you rub your fingers over the grates because it will hurt.

Pro Tip: Use the smallest grinder possible. This will give you the finest and smoothest weed.

At A Party

During social gatherings, it is commonplace for impromptu partaking of the bud to occur. Unfortunately, if you find yourself at a party and you were not expecting the opportunity to arise, (or you thought your friends were well-equipped) and you don’t have a grinder, there are plenty of party supplies that you can use to properly grind your weed.

Scissors and a Shot Glass: When you are looking to have a few hits but there is not a grinder in sight, just use scissors and a shot glass to grind your weed. Most people (especially if they are having a party) have scissors and a shot glass, so it should be easy to find. With this method of grinding, put your bud in the shot glass and start cutting.

Sure, it’s simple, but it’s also effective!

Blender: Using a blender as a method of grinding weed can really only be used on larger quantities of Cannabis. However, if you’re at a party, this could be exactly what you need. To get the best grind out of your makeshift blender concoction, break your buds off the stem before putting them in the blender. Also, you want to keep the blender on a low, or even use the pulse setting. This way, you have more control over the blend and have a better chance of stopping it before the grind becomes too fine.

Credit Card: You might not be able to use a credit card to buy weed, but you certainly can use one to grind it. Of course, it is probably easier to use a sharp knife, but if you don’t want to snoop around your host’s drawers, a credit card will do the trick. Again, this is more effective when your beautiful buds are on the drier side.

On a Road Trip

Road trips are the best! However, if you find yourself on the road without a weed grinder and you don’t have the time to stop, it will probably dampen the mood for a moment. However, if you remember this article, have no fear! There are a few commonplace road trip DIY grinder substitutes that can get you out of a tight spot.

How Do You Grind Weed Without A Grinder? - Road Trip

Coins and a Container: Everyone has got some change in their car and surely if you look hard enough, you can find a dry, empty container. All you do for this road trip grinder hack is throw your weed along with those coins into an empty container. (A pill bottle also works but it is more likely you will find an empty water bottle or something). Once the container is secured, shake it well. This trick will work best with dry weed, but it should also do a decent job with stickier weed too!

Pro Tip- If you can use larger coins, like quarters and nickels if you are in the US, the grinding process will go faster.

Use Your Hands: Using your hands is the most popular way to grind weed without a grinder.

Full disclosure, it is a sticky and slightly annoying method but you always have your hands with you and it is quick and efficient.

To do this, break a bud down by using the index finger and middle finger. Place your fingers around the stem and place both thumbs under the tip of the bud. Then, you want to pinch your fingers together, attempting to push the stem up and out of the bud. This motion will make the bud loosen up and fall apart easily. Once this happens, your weed will be ground and ready to smoke.

To close, it doesn’t matter whether you are in your home, at a party, or on the road, there is never a time where not having a weed grinder should prevent you from having a smoke. There are various alternatives for weed grinders pretty much anywhere you go.

Although, with whatever method you choose, it is equally important for the method to not only be functional but also clean and sanitary. Even though you are heating up the weed to smoke it, that doesn’t mean that you can use anything you want. It’s great to be resourceful but also take steps to maintain cleanliness.

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