Sativa THC Jelly Bomb (Orange) – Twisted Extracts – 80mg THC


This Jelly Bomb from Twisted Extracts contains 80mg of Sativa THC per package. Easily broken up into single 10mg doses. Great for new people wanted to try edibles for the first time.

Flavour: Orange

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Sativa THC Jelly Bombs from BPY Canada’s Best Online Dispensary.

Classic sweet and sour. Each Orange Jelly Bomb containing 80 mg of THC extracted from a Sativa dominant Cannabis strain. It can be easily divided into 8 pieces so you can choose your ideal dose. Edibles are a great way to consume Cannabis in a convenient, consistent and discrete way.

We recommend taking half of your typical dose, or 1/8 of the gummy if you’re new to edibles.

Dosage: 8 doses of 10 mg THC per jelly bomb

Directions:  This product is easily divided into 8 doses. First-time users take a single 10mg dose. Allow 90 minutes for full effect before considering an additional dose. Take with food for best results.

Storage: For best results store in a cool, dry place.

Ingredients:  Sugars (corn syrup, sugar from beets), Water, Gelatin, Citric acid, Natural and artificial flavours, Pectin, Coconut oil, Canola oil, Cannabis extract, Carnauba wax, FD&C Yellow #6.

Cannabis Extract: Extracted from a Sativa dominant Cannabis strain.

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Anne Hartley
Good Treat

Steady high, a nice vide. Doesn’t taste bad like some gummies.

-Alain -Turgeon
Quality product but...

The jelly becomes too styky after a while but it doesn't affect it quality.

Lasts a Long Time

I took 1/8 from the package and it lasted hours!😊

Bruce Cook
I wanted to know which one is best for sleep

Haven’t used it. Need some direction on useage

Needs a little playfullness

Amazing product great potency and very microdosing friendly. Hits just right but needs a little more effect in the fun department. I like the product for sure and will be buying again no doubt, but it lacks a bit of giggles, creative push and a softer buzz that lasts a bit longer. I just want it to be a bit more friendly and bit less of a couch locker. Thats just me but again, great product I will be buying again no doubt thank you!!!