People keep asking me how to vape CBD Oil?

I don’t know what has made CBD so popular, but it’s all everyone’s talking about these days. Myself being known as a bit of a stoner, I seemed to get a a lot of people coming to me looking for advice on CBD. Truth be told, I didn’t know much about CBD as of this time last year. I would consider myself more of a Cannabis kind of guy. So I started researching the subject and of course doing lots of testing.  

Girl Vaping CBD Oil

Girl Vaping CBD Oil

The reason CBD Oil has become so popular lately is that when you vape, it hits your bloodstream and you feel the effects rapidly. Unlike eating it, where the CBD has to go through your digestive tract before it gets to your bloodstream. Vaping is the best way to get the immediate CBD in to your system.

If you vape, you have probably smoked at some point in your life. If you have then you know what that immediate effect can be like. It’s like when you smoke a big joint and for a minute or two, you don’t really feel that high. Then all of a sudden it hits you like a JD Martinez home run, hard and fast. 

It actually turns out vaping CBD oil is really easy to do! From the research I conducted, I found the easiest way to vape CBD Oil is to use disposable cartridges that fit on USB rechargeable pens. Vaping with these is extremely convenient and mess free.

Everything is contained within the cartridge, so there is no worrying about spilling the oil. The 0.5ml cartridges last quite a long time. I’ve been vaping my CBD vape pen about 5 nights a week, about 3-4 puffs each time. I would say i’ve used 80% of it now over 6 weeks. Mind you, i’m also not a hard smoker, so i’m sure that helps with making it last.

What other ways can you Vape CBD Oil?

Another easy way to vape is the fully disposable vape pens, like the ones from FeelCBD. These are a high quality product and have multiple flavours. The downside is they are not reusable. These are great if your at a festival or out somewhere and don’t want to rely on having to recharge your pen.

I have heard that you can use CBD oil like phoenix tears in a volcano or other vaping device. I personally have not tried this, but probably will one day soon. There wasn’t too much information on the web regarding this. I would assume it’s fine to do, but please use caution.

The last method would be to vape a high CBD weed strain like CBD Shark or CBD Mango Haze. This is great if you have a portable vaporizer like the Pax. The Pax is such an amazing device if you like to vape buds and not just oils and juices.

Things to consider about CBD Vape Oil?

Man exhaling big CBD vape cloud

Man exhaling big CBD vape cloud

Before going out and buying CBD vape oil you should consider a couple things. First off, is the CBD Oil from full spectrum CBD oil or Hemp CBD isolate. The difference being that hemp CBD has the benefits of just the hemp plant. Where full spectrum is made from the whole plant and has the benefits from everything including the buds and flowers.

With Hemp CBD you get the terpenes and other cannabinoids which are great for you. These include CBN (Cannabinol), CBG (Cannabigerol) and even some THC. CDB Isolate is extracted and then purified from the hemp plant. It has less of the cannabinoids than you would find in a full spectrum CBD which comes from the cannabis plant.

Full spectrum CBD generally has trace amounts of THC in it. This amount usually varies from 0.2-0.3% THC depending on the method used to extract the molecules. Some research suggests that having this little bit of THC can be quite beneficial to the whole healing process that CBD can provide.

Know what kind of CBD Vape Oil your getting!

You should also make sure you know what kind of product you are getting. By this I mean, there are lots of CBD vape juices and tinctures which do contain high levels of THC. If you get one of these by mistake and are not use to THC, the effects can be quite strong. It’s important to all read all of the product labels and dosing instructions before trying out your CBD vape for the first time.

The best place to test out your new CBD vape pen is when your in the comforts of your own home. You don’t want to try vaping any cannabis based products for the first time out in public or in an environment where your not fully comfortable. It’s best to be in a relaxed setting where you can enjoy and feel the benefits of this amazing molecule.

My Conclusion on Vaping CBD Oil

I really enjoy vaping CBD oil since I started doing it about six months ago. There’s been an improvement in my sleep, and it’s helping with back and neck pain I get quite regularly. I would recommend vaping to anyone looking to experience CBD in the fasted way possible. It’s definitely one of the quickest methods I’ve tried. Although CBD vape oil is quite high in price right now, its benefits far outweigh its costs. Also, with CBD oil becoming more and more mainstream we should start to see the prices come down quite a bit in the near future.

Try it out if you want to experience something new. You won’t be disappointed. Check out Online Dispensary Canada’s amazing selection of CBD oils today.