How to Take THC Oil

Whether you are new to the pot industry or a veteran, there have been many ways to consume weed. Smoking was initially the most common form to intake cannabis. However, through the years, vaping, dabbing, and edibles have started to gain popularity. Some of these methods require a more concentrated form of marijuana, and this concentrated form is THC oil. This article will discuss what THC oil is and how you can use it.

What is THC Oil?

THC oil has gone by many names throughout the years. Some of these names include Cannabis oil, hash oil, or honey oil. Yet, these names are just a few of the most common variations of the name out there.

To obtain THC Oil, you must extract it from the cannabis plant. There are a variety of different ways of extraction, but solvent extraction is the most common.

THC Oil is a concentrate that can be four times stronger than just the plain cannabis plant. Plus, once it is in this form, THC oil can be used in a wide variety of ways!

How to Take THC Oil

In its concentrated form, you can use THC oil for vaping or dabbing, which are ways in which you burn the oil and inhale the vapors. This method of consumption will produce an instant effect, and you will get high within minutes. Thus, it is the most common approach when using THC oil.

However, there are more unconventional ways to use it too.

THC oil can be used in baking and cooking if you infuse it with the cooking oil of your choice. Canola oil is the most common cooking oil to use. You can even add THC oil to smoothies.

You can make coconut and THC oil infused capsules. Coconut oil is the best to use because it is the highest in fat, which means you will absorb more THC. You can either purchase empty capsules online or at a local vitamin shop.

If you suffer from joint or muscle pain, you can use the THC oil mixed with coconut oil to make a pain salve. This salve is perfect if you want to relieve pain topically without the need to suffer from the high effects. You can also mix it in with aloe vera to use with sunburns and dry skin!

Coffee is one of the best ways to use THC oil! The heat from the coffee heightens the THC’s effects, and the caffeine adds an extra boost to the impact.

Is THC Oil Dangerous?

Since THC oil is a concentrated form of cannabis. It regularly contains at least 60%THC and in some rare cases up to 90% THC. When compared to cannabis, which generally won’t exceed 20% THC levels, these concentrations are exceptionally high. To overdose on plain cannabis, you would need to smoke around 1,000 joints in under 1 hour before you will even begin to experience overdosing. With THC oil, however, the chances of overconsuming, meaning taking more than you want to take, not dying, are significantly increased. As long as you maintain your levels and monitor your intake, using THC oil will be an enjoyable experience.

In summation, there is a wide variety of ways to use THC oil all of which produce a prominent high. Due to the extremely high amounts of THC you would need to consume in order to overdose, it’s still an extremely safe alternative to smoking cannabis.

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