How To Keep Your Weed Fresh

There are a few key points to remember when preserving your weed and it can be related to the way in which organics, like potatoes and olive oil are stored; in cool & dark places with a moderate temperature of 15-20 degrees Celsius while ensuring good air circulation as well.  While all cannabis strains from Online Dispensary Canada come in vacuum-sealed bags to preserve freshness & quality, this article is targeted to maintaining freshness after opening your cannabis order.

When dealing with any organic matter it is important to remember that degradation is a natural occurrence and we must follow some basic rules to slow that process down to maintain the high-quality of weed & its freshness.

Too much oxygen is a culprit. This life-giving substance in which we need to stay alive is also the very thing that can kill the potency of your buds. So much so, that some companies are beginning to put nitrogen in place of oxygen inside of packaging to keep their weed fresh. Exposure to oxygen will diminish its aroma which can be rather disappointing to a person’s overall sensory experience to the plant.

Consequently, this oxidation will decrease the level of terpenes that are essential to the medicinal benefits of your bud and you will know this has happened when your flower starts to smell more like grass than weed.  

What is the best way to store weed?

To avoid excess oxygen entering your container, acquire a collection of different sized opaque glass jars to keep your weed in. This will allow for small amounts of weed to be stored in the smaller containers and bigger amounts in the bigger ones, reducing the amount of oxygen that fills up the excess space within. If you can’t find opaque glass jars, you can wrap some mason jars with cloth or duct tape to help reduce some of the light exposure.

Why glass? All products, especially organic matter have been widely known to keep fresh in glass vessels above all other materials and this is because glass is a natural and nonporous material. Glass is superior to plastic because it doesn’t contain harmful BPA’s which can leak into your weed. It also doesn’t absorb odors or moisture. Moisture is another culprit that can foster mold growth, which we have covered below.

Another option for keeping your weed fresh is to purchase a cannabis humidor box which is built specifically to maintain the ideal humidity for cannabis. Additionally, you can acquire some Boveda packs designed to regulate humidity content within a container.

To sum this up, you can refer to the following;

  1. keep oxygen out with air tight containers
  2. store in a cool, dark place with good air circulation
  3. store in glass vessels, preferably opaque or tinted
  4. acquire a humidor box and/or Boveda packs

If your local dispensary is storing their weed in clear glass jars for easy customer viewing, it might be beneficial to ask them if the bud is returned back to an air tight, light resistant container at the end of the day. You have every right to inquire about the freshness of your weed and if that isn’t the case, you can use the tools mentioned here to insure freshness post purchase.   

Does weed go moldy?

Indeed, there is the possibility of your weed going moldy which is why we stress the importance of proper weed storage techniques. When kept in a similar place to that of potatoes or apples; cool, dark and dry and with a fitted lid- you should have little to no problems acquiring mold on your buds.

In knowing that your stash is in a place with a moderate temperature and a humidity of 59%-63% RH, you can be assured that there is little chance of your weed contracting mold. Frequent inspection can be a great way to catch mold growth before smoking it, which can be harmful to your health.

What to watch out for? A stale or musty smell can indicate mold. Give it a pinch and notice whether or not the buds are dry & sticky or more damp feeling. The latter is another indication of mold growth and you may need to consider an alternative to storing your weed and keeping it fresh.

Being diligent about storing your weed can often save the day, though it takes more effort. In purchasing a hygrometer or an indoor humidity monitor, you can easily see the humidity levels in a given room. Placing one in your home or cupboard where your weed is stored can help in mold growth prevention.

If you are someone who purchases small amounts of weed at a time and smokes frequently, then you don’t have to worry too much about your weed going moldy.

Does cannabis lose potency over time? 

Consider the container or package that you initially buy your flower in. In most cases, it will have been packaged appropriately so that the buds stay nice and fresh. Take notice of the air tight container or vacuum packaging it comes in. Vacuum packaging is great for transport but you’ll want to transfer your weed into some glass containers once you receive it so that it’s not sitting in plastic with zero air flow. The potency of weed & its lasting “high” effects will remain stable, but the flavour and smooth smoke will be harmed.

Light and temperature are a nuisance to the structure of your weed. Prolonged exposure to these elements can cause the flowers to literally change their chemical makeup from that of THC to CBN. What does that mean? It essentially indicates that your weed is slowly starting to lose its psychoactive effects that account for the ‘high’ and gradually become less potent. UV rays from the sun are known to be the single fastest way to degrade your buds, so keep it far away from light as best you can.

Remember the following guidelines when storing your weed;

  • Pay attention to stale or musty smells
  • Make sure buds are dry & sticky, not damp
  • Acquire a humidity monitor
  • Keep weed away from light

As mentioned earlier, there are some bad practices that can decrease the potency of your weed over time. When following the specified guidelines to store your weed properly, you will have 6 months to 1 year from the time of packaging until your weed expires. After this time, dispose of it and buy fresh weed from Online Dispensary Canada. Think of it as a delicate specimen that can’t be exposed to the elements for too long or its essential qualities will be hindered. Happy stashing and remember to stay fresh!