5 Ways to Make Homemade Hash

How to Make Hash

Hash or Hashish is a powerful cannabis concentrate that can be cooked with, or smoked in a bong, pipe, joint or vape. Simply put, Hash is the waxy product that is created when cannabis trichomes or resin glands are concentrated and compacted. This usually creates a waxy block.

Hash is also fortified with small amounts of plant material and an influx of terpenes, which help give any product made this way a distinctive hash taste. Many cannabis users like this unique type of concentrate for two reasons. The first is because the resin that creates the hash has a much longer shelf-life than the rest of the plant. The second reason is that you only need a little bit to get the desired effect.

Cannabis and hash are often homegrown. There are options to buy cannabis online for your hash-making needs, or you can skip this step altogether & buy hash online, but for those who want to try their hand and make their own hash, here are 5 ways to make homemade hash.

1. Hand Rolling:

This is probably the simplest method but likely the hardest to come by unless you truly grow your own. If you find yourself with a large number of cannabis buds, however, this is a great way to make the stash last a lot longer. 

The first step: Wash your hands. You will be actually using your hands a lot for this and you want to make sure your hands are clean before you start this process. (While the taste is usually unaffected, it’s still gross not to be clean about it, so wash your hands.)

The second step: Handle a lot of cannabis buds. This is usually done when harvesting them. As you handle them you will notice that a black sticky resin substance will form on your hands. These are the trichomes.

The third step: When you have a good amount of resin on your hands, rub your hands together to create small spheres of hash. The more you rub together, the more hash you will create. 

2. Blender Method:

This is considered a much more refined way to create homemade Hash. Plus, it is a lot less physical work. Yet, for this, you will need more than just your hands. You will need a blender, ice, water, a screen, a jar and (of course) cannabis trimmings.

The first step: Place your ingredients into the blender. Make sure the lid is on tight and turn the blender on. The mixing, along with the cold will separate the trichomes from the rest of the plant.

The second step: After the blender is turned off and the trichomes sink to the bottom, place the empty jar on the counter with the screen on top of it. Sift the contents of the blender into the jar, allowing the water and trichomes to go into the jar, but nothing else. Allow this mixture to settle for thirty minutes.   

The third step: Once the trichomes again settle to the bottom, pour out two-thirds of the top layer of water. Be careful not to lose any trichomes. Refrigerate the jar for ten minutes.

The fourth step: Strain the trichomes out through a coffee filter. Once all of the trichomes are out, allow them to dry and then press them into Hash by applying heat and pressure.

3. Dry Sifting:

This is the most popular way of creating hash. All you need to make Hash with this method is a zip-lock bag, cannabis trimmings, a silkscreen, baking paper, and a credit card.  

The first step: Freeze your cannabis trimmings overnight in a ziplock bag. This will make it easier to break apart. 

The second step: Place the sheet of baking paper on a clean surface and place your slightly-smaller silkscreen over the baking paper. On top of the silkscreen, you are going to want to put your cannabis trimmings.

The third step: Break apart any large pieces and then use your hands to gently move the trimmings around the silkscreen. This will separate the trichomes from the plant material. When you are finished, you should have about ten to twenty percent of kief to the entirety of your trimmings. 

The fourth step: Use a credit card to separate the kief and then press it against the baking paper to create a Hash block. 

4. Shoe Hash Method:

This is an interesting method, as it is exactly what you think it is. This is how to create Hash while you are out and about. 

The first step: Create the kief you are going to use to make the Hash. This method does not create a lot of Hash at one time but if you’re busy, it’s an interesting way to multi-task. 

The second step: Wrap the kief in cellophane or baking paper several times and tape it up securely. However, you do want to poke a small hole in it to make sure the air can get out.  

The third step: Place the kief in the heel of your shoe. Hard-sole shoes are better than soft-sole shoes because they put more pressure and weight on the kief. Walk around and by the end of the day, you will have yourself a nice five-grams or so of Hash.

5. Dry Ice Hash:

This is highly regarded as one of the purest ways to create Hash. All you need for this method is a bucket, dry ice, safety gloves, a credit card, and micron-filter bags. (You are going to want to use a 73 micron-filter bag for the purest Hash.)

The first step: Place your cannabis trim/flower in the bucket with the dry ice. You want to stir and shake this lightly for a few minutes. This will separate the resin from the plant. 

The second step: Place the micron-filter bag around the bucket and turn it upside down on a clean, flat surface. Once you have all the material in the bag, turn it over and shake the contents of the bag out, through the sifter. Amber dust should appear on the flat surface. 

The third step: Scrape the dust together with the credit card and use it to compress it into Hash.

To close, as you can see, the methods used are largely dependent on the amount you have available to you, the materials at your disposal, and the fineness with which you wish to use in creating your Hash. With the many ways of making hash, there are also different ways to smoke hash. All-in-all, hashish has been around for centuries and is popular worldwide for its ease to make and the smooth smoking experience it brings. If you have more questions about hash, visit our contact page and one of our experts will be happy to help answer them. Or, visit our homepage to check out reviews & for information on how to order hash from Online Dispensary Canada – we have lots of different strains to choose from.

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