THC – Jumbo Sour Key – Cannabis Cousins – 500mg THC


This THC Jumbo Sour Key from Cannabis Cousins is not for the faint of heart or edible beginners. Premium THC extract cooked into every key and individually dosed for the optimal eating experience. Proceed with delicious caution!

Flavour: Jumbo Sour Key

Dosage: 1 x 500 mg THC

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Order THC Jumbo Sour Key from ODC Canada’s Best Online Dispensary.

Cannabis Cousins delicious line called Sweet Treats will rock your socks off. This Goliath mountain of a sour key is not for beginners. So take it easy and start with a lower dose than what you’re used to.

Again with 500mg of premium THC extract this sour key is for the more seasoned edible veteran.

Dosage: 1 dose of 500mg THC in each bag.

Directions: This product is 1 single sour key of 500mg THC. Not for first timers.

Take it low, go slow. Best to take with food.

Storage: For best results store in a cool, dry place.

Ingredients: Sugar, Glucose Syrup (Wheat), Modified Corn Starch, Potato Starch, Lactic Acid, Malic Acid, Gelatine, Artificial Flavours, Hydrogenated Palm Fat, Artificial Colours, THC Distillate.


Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews
Alyssa McBeath
Jumbo sour key

Freakin awesome

Weak Sauce

The single key with 500 mg is not nearly as potent as the same companies five sour keys with 100 mg each. They should be equal no? I barely felt this single key but when I ate the five I was barely able to function.

Holly Davidson
Jumbo sour key

Delicious and effective.

Jumbo key

Its one of the strongest product i tried on here. Highly recommend

Candice Ashton
Excellent service

There was an item missing from my last order and they promptly sent it to me, not a problem at all.