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How to Use Hash

Smoking is still the most common way of using hash, and hookahs are the traditional instruments for smoking hash. If you don’t happen to have a hookah lying around, you can smoke hash in several ways, such as:

  • Crowning a bowl: Crumble a small amount of hash on top of your usual herb.
  • Adding hash to a joint: Mix bits of hash with your cannabis when you roll a joint. If you’re using kief, you can dip the end of your joint in honey or oil, and roll it into your kief. This technique is called “twaxing” a joint.
  • Dabbing: Dab rigs are specially designed to smoke hash and other cannabis concentrates.
  • Smoking hash under glass: This old-school method works in a similar way as a dab rig. Place a small ball of hash at the end of a bent metal paper clip and light it. Once the hash is burning, blow out the flame. Quickly cover the smoking hash with a drinking glass. Once enough smoke accumulates, lift the glass slightly, and inhale the smoke through a straw.

If you’d rather avoid smoking, you can add hash to your weed in a dry herb vaporizer, liquify hash to add to vape oil, or use hash to make edibles.

Hash from Online Dispensary Canada

Hash is perfect for twaxing a joint or crowning a bowl. Our hash-prices start at just $15 per gram. Why not try them all?

  • Afghan Hash: Soft and easy to knead, classic Afghan Hash combines a spicy flavor with a relaxed body buzz.
  • Premium Kief: Made from the highest quality indica, our premium kief is ideal for supercharging your smoke, vape, or edibles.
  • Pressed Hash: Our solvent-free pressed hash comes in three varieties, including Orange Barb Sativa, Citrix, or Inzane in the Membrane hybrid strains.