How To Order

We do everything we can to make
the process as easy as possible.

Hassle Free! Same day handling! Mail order marijuana across Canada!

Get Mail order marijuana in Canada! No more worries if your town doesn’t have a dispensary yet. We deliver to anyone who meets our
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From your product page:

Step 1. Select the amount of the product you’d like to order

Step 2. Choose the quantity

Step 3. Then click “ADD TO CART”

Once you're finished shopping:

Step 4. Click the shopping cart icon in the main menu to view a preview window of your cart.

Step 5. From the cart preview window you can either click the link to “CHECKOUT” or to “VIEW CART” which will take you to a larger view of your shopping cart.

The Cart page will show all the items you have selected to purchase

Step 6. After you have reviewed your chosen items click the “PROCEED TO CHECKOUT” button

Fill in your billing and shipping information before placing your order

Step 7. Fill in your billing & shipping address that is associated with the account you will use to make your E-transfer.

Step 8. After all of your information has been entered in correctly you are ready to click “PLACE ORDER”

After your order has been placed you will receive the information needed to complete your E-transfer.

Step 9. Your order details will appear on this confirmation page. Please record this for your records in case you do not receive an email confirmation.

Step 10. For your order to be completed you must submit payment via E-transfer. The information needed to do so is listed below your order confirmation.

Once we receive the e-transfer, we will ship out your order ASAP. All orders are shipped via Canada Post (Express Post). Shipping times are approximately 2-5 business days depending on your location, holidays, weather and order traffic. We do not ship any orders on weekends or holidays. We do not offer refunds if the package arrives late due to postal issues or delays.